• Hi guys I'm stuck between a pillar and a post. I have a DT125 2003, iv owned the bike for 15years. Iv enjoyed riding it and the reliable, bullet prof engine has never let me down. I like the maintenance because it's so easy. I now fancy a bigger bike but want to stay away from 4T due to the maintenance costs. I'm open to offers but I'm looking for about 2.2k it's well worth that. What would be a good replacement bike lads?

  • '88 kawasaki KX500.

  • A 4stroke wont have more maintenance comparing to a dt125r.
    My xt600 was first opened at 125.000km I check the valves at the same range where people would replace pistons/rings in a dt125r.
    No liquid cooling, its just a super basic bike. Im now at 180x.000km

    Any dualsport-type-bike is easy to work on, because of no fairings ect.

    My wr250r has 42.000km intervals for checking the valves, 6000km oil changes, and pops wheelies in 3rd gear.

    What do you want in the bike, and what do you need it to do? Is it just a commuter, or do you take it offroad, ect.

  • @jens-eskildsen
    I want to ride more off road, getting bored with the road now tbh. Did look at xt660 or drz 400 but they are very heavy off road

  • @bikemad88 Can't go wrong with a dual sport smoker. Have a look at Kawasaki's KDX 125 or Honda's variant.

    Small, light, powerful 2 strokes.


  • A couple of my mates have had kdx and kmx in the past, like the dt a solid reliable bike. But my DT is available guys, message my if your interested, for some reason I can't place it on classified on this site.

  • @bikemad88 If I remember right to be able to sell on this site you need to have been a member for a certain period of time. If you want an adventure 2-stroke a kdx is a good first call. If I went dual-sport I'd probably look at something like a Honda CRM, Yamaha WRZ.

    Though a 4-stroke is not a bad call. The maintenance may be more expensive if you pay someone to service it, but you'll have a better chance finding parts and the service hours aren't that much different. And you won't be spending so much on fuel.

  • @bikemad88 Because only members with sufficient posts and privileges can post on this site. You must have more than 50 posts I believe.

    As Scrim says, you can't compare the KDM and KMX as they're two completely different bikes.

    Also look at the wr200 as that'll be a solid bike. Again light nimble with a enough poke for them lanes.