• So I was riding my am6 and I was thrashing it was only riding for maybe a minute then at full speed it locked up I grabbed the clutch and coasted to a stop I selected what I thought was neutral but it turn out I was in some sort of false neutral so I rode home really low on power thought I was in 1st I was actually in 5th?i got it home expecting a soft seize but the compression is brill gears select except form time to time I’ll hit a false neutral It has full power and rises perfect I will note as it locked up it shot coolant out the cap on my leg,wondering if anyone has had a similar thing happen I’ll inspect the top end when I can but it revs clean and lots of power so doubt it was a seize I was thinking I had shed a tooth but the gearbox seems okay

  • @declan the AM6 engines are notorious for their false neutrals.

  • Yeah my Aprilia had neutral in every gear.

    Have had this happen before on both the YZ and the Aprilia. Both for different reasons, but all down to tune.

  • @calum you mean the wheel locking up?

  • @declan Yeah. The YZ was being cooled too much and seized. And the Aprilia seized due to detonation.

  • @calum that’s piston though mine has perfect compression and suprising power

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