Rs 125 chesterfeild project

  • So after my first dtr supermoto was stolen and was left bikeless for a for weeks i was offered this rs for 400 quid so i snapped it up it was in a sorry state but have slowly been doing little bits at a time as i use it for the 35 mile round trip to work everyday and verry little time but i thought i would get a build thread for it up to date ![alt text]

  • alt text

    Aww cool, if you can get the original graphics for it that bike will be a nice little earner. The Chesterfields are beloved among enthusiasts!

  • @calum thanks cal i did buy an original sticker set for it as it is an original 123 engine wih chesterfeild on the logbook i buggerd the first sticker set up putting it on ..... I've not really looked after it to be fair i just run it to work ive since fitted ....... tyga stainless pipe
    ........ 34 mm dellorto
    ...... vforce reeds
    .. and I've just bought another 123 original barrel which i was going to port with the new tools i bought today but have to wait till tomorrow to upload pics of that as i have the wrong bloddy airline fittings on my compressor 🙈 but here's how it looks at the moment .... it needs a full set of plastics though.. and ive just purchased a single seat unit .... ![alt text]

  • Looks a clean bike, would like one of them but think my next move is a big 4t sm