• Bought myself a little project to get running and finish off, a 2003 Beta RR 50 supermotard. Barrels been left off and the bike left outside for a long time, crankshaft doesn't have any play but has some float, it is also very corroded. I've set about splitting the casings over the next couple days and the engines out, just wondering if anyone here has a reasonable crank for one of these laying around? Id be happy to pay for one just trying to keep the cost of this build down as it needs quite a lot of work elsewhere. Not looking to build it for high power, it'll be running standard 12mm carb and 50cc bore but will be unrestricted.

  • @glynn123 Pics or it didn't happen!!! :face_with_tears_of_joy: 🤣 :face_with_tears_of_joy:

  • It really isn't much to look at! Inside and outside 😂
    Looks like waters been in the crankcase also, casings are benign split tomorrow hopefully and looking at possibly bead blasting the crank if I don't find a replacement, gaskets and piston are ordered.

    Will embed images later I don't have my PC atm and phones not liking imgur right now 😅

  • @Glynn123 could be a fun little project to go mad on lots of bits available for those little engines