Carb problem - does anyone want to sell a spare?

  • Good evening all,

    My friend has just bought an 05 dtre after having a go on mine and finding himself with the biggest grin on his face. Trouble is after getting said bike home this morning it became apparent that something was a miss.

    We traced the problem to the carb after ruling out the obvious. It will only run with the choke on and even then pretty badly. Tried to strip the carb to clear out the jets, but as with every other nut and bolt on the bike the 3 bolts on the bottom of the float bowl are seized solid. Does anyone therefore happen to have a serviceable carb spare that they would be willing to sell?

    thanks in advance

  • @2Stroke4Smoke drill the bolts out? then use a nut and bolt combination or retap?

  • @2Stroke4Smoke have you tried knocking them round with a hammer and small chisel?

  • @2Stroke4Smoke i actually had the same problem with the ones on my dtx in the last week or two ..... spray generously with wd 40 leave it for a day to soak in ..... then fill up a bowl with boiling water ...... leave it to sit for a minute or two ....then use a set of mulgrips ( not sure if thats how you spell it ) and give them a wiggle .......... some old engineering guy told me that a work something to do with the alloy shrinking or expanding when hot ..... worked a treat .

  • @Sgt-Robuck-5 @finnerz89 @stinkwheeler by hook or by crook he managed to get them off after the usual tricks, they were pretty stubborn though. I always wonder why no one ever looks after these bikes, I don't think i've ever looked at one that has actually been cleaned well, ever, let alone before I arrived to look at it!

    Trouble is the casting marks prevent you from getting a good grip with the mole grips. there isn't enough material to drill out and re-tap. Screw extractors could have worked, but between us we didn't have any small enough. Never thought of the hammer and chisel method, will bare that in mind next time. Thanks fellas.

  • @2Stroke4Smoke Well to be fair, it's a bike owned by teenagers.They either lack the funds, or ability to maintain machines.

  • @2Stroke4Smoke you've never looked at mine then 😉 lol