Twin radiator

  • How do I go about plumbing it all up just y piece it all In?

  • @ryanjimccfc just saying you should possibly look elsewhere, sounds as if there's a problem in the cooling system to me 👍

  • I'm guessing these overheating bikes a a tip top cooling system, with a rad in A1 condition, pump working as it should be, cooling galleries in the head and barrel free from corrosion and debris, etc, etc? As these bike are sold worldwide with the same cooling system and some areas of Europe have higher temps and higher altitudes than we see.

  • I've got A new radiator new pump it's a brand new top end all new cooling hoses good quality Coolent no air locks digital temp gauge so I can see what's going on and the bike is getting to hot it's getting to like 110 115 and personally I think that's way to hot I even have a cooling fan not a pc one a proper radiator fan to help with air flow when I'm off roading and I just carnt seem to get control of the temps which is why I'm wanting to try a twin radiator set up

  • Engines running lean run hot, whilst 2 strokes perform better on the edge of seizing is this what you're looking for, or would it be worth trying to richen up the motor a little and see if the temp drops as something doesn't seem right. I've tuned quite a few bike and car engines over the years and only minis and imps had issues that required doubling the size of the rad.

  • Okay I'll look into the jetting but bike runs really well with jet it has I'm not saying it the right jet but I thought it would have a white plug if lean

  • Hi Ryan,
    Just checked through some old photos of my RD350LC I had in the 80s with a Stan Stephen's stage 4 barrel porting on it, head lapped to the barrel, microns, KnN pod filters and running on 4 star and it was on a std rad.
    Thrashed everywhere the temp was in normal limits.

  • Hi Ryan,
    Something that just entered the old grey matter, is the rad cap the correct one, in good condition and is it rated for UK ambient conditions?

    If you're not able to get the system at the right pressure the water will overheat and you will have cooling issues. It could be worth splashing out on a new genuine rad cap.


  • @Bluestoesonnose It's a genuine cap

  • @ryanjimccfc Is it in good condition, could be worth trying another one to ensure you're getting the correct pressure.

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