• Am I right in thinking lads that any front mx wheel is interchangeable if the hub is the right spindle size and has the same size rotor then it’s just the matter of spacers

  • @declan Which bike are you referring too???

  • @NINJA any crosser more specifically my husky I can’t ride it for a while and can’t afford wheels but I’m just seeing what possibilities are out there

  • @declan OK so no speedo drive to worry about. As long as you can get the spacers correct, so that the disc is aligned perfectly in the stock caliper, you should be good_to_go. Some Husky or KTM wheels would be the closest to your originals I would imagine???

  • Yeah I don't think it's as simple as you think Declan.

    It's not a case of spacers for the wheel, the rotor offset as to be exact, else you'll risk having a braking imbalance on the front wheel.

    Probably not so much an issue if it's a single pot caliper, but if you've got pistons either side...

    If it's not identical then I expect the brakes will bind.