• Went out for an end of summer nimble today out the back lanes on my red bike, not sure what the policy is around the country but Hampshire charge you for disposing of diy/building materials at the refuse tips. Coming round corners and finding rubble bags in the middle of the road, along with corrugated roofing, asbestos, etc is a real p off. Has been getting worse over the summer and they literally dump in the middle of the lanes, looks like car drivers have just been driving over it as well.
    Ah well, winters coming, perhaps that will keep the losers in their box.0_1538232813489_20180929_151338-1024x576.jpg

  • Scumbags! People just have no respect for where they live that is for sure!

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    Think most places charge now. Surrey and Horsham do and there's lots of lanes for the opportunists in these areas.

  • I think it's a disgrace that someone would even think it's okay to fly tip. The tip near me is open 7 days a week. There is literally no excuse.

  • @Calum Sadly it's the modern way, as we live in a world of 'total disrespect' and 'It's all about me'. This planet will one day just be a giant cesspit on top of landfill, with zombies inhabiting it as all the wild animals will have been killed!!! 😞

  • @NINJA Maybe, but actually you'll find a lot of other countries are miles better than we are. And a lot of countries are of course miles worse.