wr200 fmf

  • I've been thinking about buying a wr200 fmf on my DTRE. I've seen it fit on the DTR125, but I'm just wondering if something will be in it's way considering the DTR and the DTRE has different frames. Anyone on here that has done it or knows someone who has?

  • Why would you want to fit that unless you have a 200cc engine? It will slow you down

  • @Louis-James nahhh not if you find out the diameter of your old muffler then restrict the tip of the muffler to the same spec on the 200 pipe) that’s obviously how it works don’t try tell me any different I’m clearly a genius

  • @Louis-James how does it slow me down? i have read that it runs better than the dep on 125

  • @Bananper Without seeing a dyno it's hard to actually gauge.

    Two stroke exhaust pipes work off resonance, fitting a pipe designed for another engine is incredibly unlikely to work as intended.

    If it does work, then what is likely to be experienced is a shift in power. The WR200 exhaust is designed to produce a particular sound wave at a particular RPM for a particular engine.

    When that translates to the DTR, it's likely that it's making less power down low, then picks up to an acceptable level. The change from where it makes less power, to more, (I.E. powerband) is likely to be exaggerated, such that the user thinks it's faster. But without a dyno, it really is hard to tell.

    In other words, stick to an exhaust designed for the engine. As it has been designed to provide optimal results.

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