• Do any of you guys use a fuel additive to help keep the carb and fuel pipes clean ?

  • Nope. If I'm putting the bike away for any length of time I just turn the fuel off and run the bike till it stops. Stops anything getting gummed up.

    I also only run premium fuel which is cleaner anyway

  • Never needed any fuel additive. If it was necessary, then the petrol companies would offer it at the pump. V Power I only run. I know fuel left in lines can gum up over time. But I had my Starlet left for 3 years outside without any issues.

  • @shaunp1912 yeah I do my advice is don’t bother with 2 stroke stuff it doesn’t appear to do anything however I used some red additive for cars found at a petrol station and it was fantastic kept the spark plug spotless (in my 4 stroke)

  • @declan My problem with that is you're masking a problem if that's the case.

    Plugs should be golden brown, and if they're not, then you have a problem.

    Using a fuel additive to keep your "spark plug spotless" is masking a bigger problem. Blow-by, lean or overfueling. RIng lands etc.

  • @Calum there’s wasn’t any issue I started using it to see if it actually did anything problem was my bike ran faultless and the only thing I noticed was the spark plug never had carbon build up and the additives main claim was that it cleans plugs I ran 50litres worth through the engine didn’t do the valves or anything never had to touch the engine