Aprilia RS125 2010 Spain's no.1

  • @Nottsbiker Yes, but the frame, forks and swingarm are the same as the mito.

    Which is why I said it's like the tuono. Which uses the same frame wheels and forks as the rs.

  • True - had 2 Tuono's myself before my 996 and they are great fun and an easy way to lose your license 😉

  • hi guys, quick update on my new rs

    yesterday, i saw that the new bike came with a Polini 160cc Barrel. and the cylinder have some problem. the cause of the crash was because of the bike died when he was riding on high speed, im almost sure. because we checked the cylinder and piston with a camera, and the piston is new (we can see the letters easily) its pretty clean the surface. but we can see a little scratch on the interior of the cylinder.

    its bad cause is not turning on, but polini 160cc its good and came with a carb oko 32 or 34 (didnt check yet), so i will have the best barrels for rs 125. italkit 140 and polini 160 to tune. and i can test both on the road

    @calum im having trouble with tyga rear set, the right side, when we put the bolts, touch on the frame. you didn't adapt nothing on yours? i will show you photo soon

  • Used the Polini 160 myself and it seized nearly killing the rider in the process...deadly.

    Nope Rear Sets fitted fine.

  • Humm, not good seizing so easily. then, i will keep the polini out of my bike and just sell it or trade.

  • @pedrobatista10 It was my brothers bike, was rapid motor. But I think he just didn't get the fueling down properly. Probably would have been okay if it wasn't for that.

  • update:

    already have all the fairings needed and removed of the bike, ready to send to the paint shop.

    the guy that is making the stickers for mugello, sent me this preview, to have an ideia what she will look like

    alt text

    the green colour, he advice me to choose this one : Planet Green BC09 from HouseOfKolor. and for the front fender Yellow Neon NE501

    anyone used this brand of paint? and what you guys think of the replica?

  • @pedrobatista10 Well that looks very different from the normal RS's you see, not my taste but she will turn heads for-sure. 😉

    House of kolor make good quality paints. 😁

  • Yes I am not sold on the colour and you can get the chinese replica ones for £350. Good price.

    But it's all about what you want.

  • I would like to make a replica that can be unique in this version of rs 125. And i never seen a mugello replica. The green we see on the photo its not the real one.

    But lets see when the bike is painted.

    Thanks foe your opinions ✌

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