1st gear plug chops?

  • @Calum True, but only @declan can answer that one, perhaps a pic or two may aid us??? 😉

  • Well I ride illegally anyway that’s not exactly the issue the bike is heavily unreliable and the last thing I want is to overheat with a copper on my arse, also it was quite late when I wrote that so screw you guys

  • @NINJA when ever I’ve checked the plug it’s always show slightly rich but the carb has big problems it’s very strange

  • @declan Do you have any waste ground or green lanes nearby to your crib? If so a good brapp, brapp, brapp for 10-15 mins would give you a better result when you chopped the plug afterwards. And pushing the bike to and from said testing ground would keep the coppers off ya arse for-sure. 😉

  • @NINJA no they take the bikes even if you push them that’s what I used to do as I ride off road on dis used fields I can’t really use this bike for riding as I don’t ride on road as such I only ride on road to get over to the fields which are just at the top of my road but this is a super Moto and it’s quite deadly on grass

  • @declan WTF - Are you saying that the coppers will confiscate your bike when you are just pushing it along a road???

  • @NINJA yeah bud because technically it’s still an uninsured bike on a public highway we don’t have very nice police around here most of them are corrup as is

  • @declan DAMN dude that's just FUBAR!!! :pouting_face: :pouting_face: :pouting_face:

  • I asked a couple police officers about pushing motorbikes when I was younger and wasn't old enough to road ride, if fuel supply is turned off you are allowed to push them on on pathways etc

  • @Glynn123 yeah but I’ve heard loads over the years about what you have to do to push the bikes without getting it impounded but the problem is practices change from one police branch to another and my specific police impound no matter what they essentially do what they want all of the main criminals and such have the police payed off so there’s no way I’d chance a near 2 grand bike)

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