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    @NINJA cheers for the reply. have had 3 and 1/2 dts in the past a 125mx two 125r's and a 50mx the 125mx had the usual 80s bolt on goodies which I think I still have a list of somewhere the dt125 r both had the power valve pinned open one with a standard exhaust the other just had a dep tail pipe, I've had two kmx 200's which I still rate as the best two strokes I've ever had but these are getting very expensive and I want something to play around with and you cannot get a fraction of bits like the dt's

    All sounds good, just need to find the heel guards and Acerbis sump plate for mine now!!!

  • @Bluestoesonnose the bike in your profile is like one I had I swapped a air cooled rd 250 for had the dt for a few months then swapped it for a Honda cx 500 . one day I will learn....At the moment I have a gsx750f waiting for a new battery and mot ,when I get this sorted I will then sell or swap for a dt

  • @ringo67 it's my winter work hack as I ride old British nails when the weather is a little better

  • @Bluestoesonnose lol I'm getting to old in the tooth riding in the cold now stick to the car in bad weather

  • Just for the record, french bikes are not all derestricted. As far as I was told the DTs were restricted from the factory so european DT125Rs are still restricted as they are A1 license legal and UK bikes do normally have a power valve. The reason why you would buy imports is if you want a clean, original and unmolested example. Something that is pricey and not always easy to find here in the UK. I have imported DTs and seen plenty and I can almost guarantee you that all EU DTs are in better nick than most bikes you'll find here.

    However a few things to keep in mind, there can be, although not always, import taxes on the DT and you will have to register them in the UK for road use through the NOVA system and if you're bothered you'll have to buy a UK headlight. Also some insurers do not easily accept imports or will increase the price so keep an eye out for that.

  • that's the thing I have a very low mileage gsx750f ,J plate 91/92. with 25,827 gen miles with paper work . when you look at some of the dt's for sale they have had so many owners 99% who haven't the first idea of how to look after them ( I nearly seized my first bike a Suzuki gp 100 as I had not been told to check the two stroke oil tank.) and a lot are well ratty and over priced or nudging classic prices . I have seen a rebuilt kmx 200 on ebay 2 or 3 times and he wants around £4000 for it

  • @Calum sorry I managed to completely miss your post! have been riding since the pre mobile age 80's lol. have had around 30 bikes from a dt 50 up to a bandit 12 and gsxr11 street fighter ,but have never lost the love of two strokes, but I want something to tinker with . I thought that you didn't get the working power valve kit on a uk bike (like the 350 ypvs) unless brought separately and that was not cheep back in the day

  • @ringo67 4k is pushing it for a kmx200 original and in good shape, I certainly wouldn't pay that considering I've seen them sell for 1000-1500 euros in really good condition. But you have to expect that price for bigger 2-strokes, on top of that they are going up in price. A TZR250 a year ago, I saw a few in good nick for 2.5k or 3k. These days they are easily going for 4k all the way up to 6k for the rarer SP models. And hell if I ever see some day a DT200R in original condition with less than 10,000kms I can see it going for 3,000 euros easily.

    Edit: Just found this one,

    Translation in short, chassis has been blasted and painted. Plastics re-sprayed, engine rebuilt top and bottom and modifications including silencer, foot pegs, indicators, mirrors and tail light however he has all the original parts apparently. I mean there are still a couple things wrong with the bike but that is a nice example.

  • was just looking on ebay and frightening my self at the prices of some of the bikes I have had in the past have had two 350 ypvs a F1 and F2 and the prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I can remember when you could not give a two fifty a way when the 125 law came in and now lc250 are going for mad money and the lc 125's are in the 2 to 3 thou for a mint one

  • No, all DT125RE's came with YPVS installed. Older 80's DT's, maybe with valves. I've seen a good number of 90's DT's without as well. But the majority of them out there have YPVS installed.

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