• Anyone know at what sort of hours you should rebuild a top/bottom end at got a pure green laneing dt clocks don't work was thinking of fitting an hour meter so could check as don't wish to be miles up through the woods and it goes bang any info would be appreciated

  • @jamesrandall93 It may be a simpler job just to fix the speedo, most likely it's the speedo drive which is faulty? Personally I would explore fixing that first, as it may be an easier and less expensive job to do???

  • @NINJA you can get the wireless hour meters for 25pound plug on the handle bars really and truly the bikes no worth ficing its had a hsrd life to say the least head light works but everything else is a no good tbh a simple hour meter and the correct hours is a 5minuet job and someone with the correct no how would be more helpful

  • Throw a piston in it and if the bottom end has no play you'll be fine. You'll want to/already bought another green laning bike well before you have any engine issues haha

  • These engines are not highly strung, hour meter is overkill.

    The key to engines is how they sound. If it sounds like a bag of nails then that'll tell you it is due a rebuild.
    If it sounds crisp, then it'll be crisp all day long. It'll then come down to fueling, at which point no hour meter will save your engine.

  • @Calum v power and castrol ... just have to invest in a wr450 for green laneing then

  • @jamesrandall93 As in, is the jetting correct.

  • @Calum 240main with a full dep system

  • @jamesrandall93 Yeah, I think you're missing the point I'm trying to make.

    If the fueling isn't setup perfectly, that's where you will encounter problems. So if it's modified and hasn't been rejetted then reliability will suffer.

    If the bike is in stock trim (ignoring the DEP) and the engine sounds sweet, then you can greenlane on it all day long without engine troubles.