• Hello everyone. First time posting on here 🤦‍♂️but in need of some experienced information needed on helping me get the most of my dt. It's a fantastic machine for what it is and in incredible condition. But I'm 33 and need it to be more punchy on the power level. It is fully standard I'm only the second owner and like I said standard 😩. There has been no mods done to the bike at all. Any suggestions greatly appreciated 👍

  • Hello & Welcome,

    2003 models are the worst for restrictions. Down to the point where the CDI is restricted.

    A zeeltronic, aftermarket exhaust, bigger carb, some carbon reeds and you'll be golden.

    Make sure you get yourself a 3MB cylinder head, likely to be the restrictive 3BN head on yours. Could get the 3BN machined to take the restriction out, get the barrel ported at the same time.

  • @Dirt_Trail125 Hi and welcome, post some pics of your new toy for us all to see. There is also a guide for derestricting the DTR here;


    Those should be your first steps, just removing the rev limiter alone will make a big difference. simply follow the steps in the guide. 😉

  • Do you have the powervalve operating? On a 2003 it should but, but I know peoplile to remove the servo and lock the valve open