• Anyone know the correct settings on a dt125r I'm running a full dep system and a 240 main jet my bike is tempremental will kick first time from cold then wont I have ti keep adjusting the air screw and putting the choke up and down.

  • Sounds like an underlying issue here.

    I always found that, from cold, no matter how warm of a day it was, my DT always needed choke.

  • @Calum never use to tho mate always started first kick even when we had snow now it's like it dont want to start plugs good fuels fine it's like the carbs missing oxygen or something to make combustion really confusing me

  • Clean your carb out so you've got a good base point to start from. Your idle screw should be between 1 and a half turns out and about 3 turns out when the engines hot. If it's running better at under 1 and a half turns out then you want to fit a richer pilot jet, higher than 3 turns stick a leaner in. If this is set right the bike should always require choke from cold start, which is correct procedure.