• Hello my learned compadres!

    Have finally removed the 2 remaining needle bearings from my crankcase, but only one of them is stamped with the code...

    Clutch lifter shaft - HK 1412

    Does anyone know what the code is for the input shaft (primary?) needle bearing?

    Cheers, Matt

  • Were these the bearings you were speaking of?

    Sorry I should have said they won't drop out. In fact I don't replace them since they take absolutely no load whatsoever! Purely for the clutch are actuator?

    But fair play.

    No don't know the code but sure you must be able to measure it?

  • Yeah, those ones! One was actually a bit rough so I thought I may aswell change them while I can.

    Will measure it and get the order in!

    Cheers, Matt

  • Turns out it's about the only bearing that simplybearings don't stock. In fact no-one seems to stock it apart from genuine parts retailers.

    Bearing code is tr152512

  • @Matt47 how frustrating.

    Did you measure the size I take it?

  • Can't find 15x25x12 needle roller bearings on ebay but google turns up a few hits for TR152512
    You still might be able to get it from a bearing stockist but looks like it is not a common size, if you phone a few you might get lucky, probably be cheaper and quicker than a genuine one.

  • @Calum Yeah I measured it then looked up simplybearings and got nowhere. Went through all other close sizes incase it was my error but no joy.

    After that I googled it and it only seems to be available as a genuine part (it's the one pjme sell for £28ish).
    The size is also used by ktm and probably others too, so I'm not giving up yet - just more awkward being in France!

  • @Matt47 okay, what about running a sealed bearing. Does it have to be a roller bearing. I doubt it. Could just get rollerbload bearing

  • @Calum way above my knowledge level lol! If I can't get it along with the other bearings I'll just bite the bullet and get the proper one.
    Cheers, Matt

  • What was the outcome to this? Just go genuine? 11.28 plus VAT is best i can find through fowlrs.