• So I've had yet another issue with my newly purchased DT R 😂 😂 😂. Was on my way to work and suddenly the engine began to struggle and would cut out. This would continue to happen unless I let it sit for a bit, but would reoccur after traveling a similar distance. Took the carb off this evening and both jets had a lot of shit in so I gave it a good clean. I'm hoping this will solve the issue. I gave the air box a clean out, the filter looks fine but the foam on the filter holder that slots into the air box has quite a lot of black on it and bits have come off it. Can I just glue some replacement filter foam on in the correct shape? Also I've had a look at an oem assembly diagram and it appears that there should be structure that sits between the holder and the filter, however mine doesn't have one. Could this also be an issue?


  • @AndyJay what year dtr you got. Some had auxiliary boost bottles on them.

    I would get a fuel filter. The tanks are metal, maybe you've got corrosion or some other crap in the tank.

  • @Calum It's a 2001. What do they do?
    I've cleaned it all out and put an inline filter in so hopefully I won't have any issues again. Cheers 👍🏼

  • @AndyJay They resonate at a certain harmonic when the engine is down on power.

    I can't say if there is any real world performance, but Yamaha believed there to be so that's why they are there.

  • @AndyJay It's always a wise move replacing the air filter periodically. 😉

  • Finally sorted. Couldn't believe the amount of crap that came out of the tank when I washed it out, the dirty b****.

    Have either of you got an opinion on the corrosion protection stuff you can buy and if it does a good job?

    I've also replaced all of the hoses and stuck an inline filter on 👍🏼

  • @AndyJay Using better quality fuel like V power will help that out. 😉

  • You cant buy the foam part of the filter holder separately from Yamaha unfortunately but can get some from a hobby shop and cut / glue that in instead