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    I am wondering if there are any brake upgrades for the DT? Mine are pretty woeful and I'm sure new discs and pads would make an improvement to them. I have seen some Brembo and Kyoto regular & wavey discs and pads, which would be an upgrade and reduce stopping distances for-sure. But I was wondering if there are any direct replacements, either new calipers or some from another bike? Which will hopefully fit without too much fiddling around, or need a lot of fabricating in order to make them fit? Some sweet looking 4 pots and larger discs would be desirable, so are there any known to pretty much bolt straight on please?


  • I am running aprilia rs125 brakes and they are unreal! Four pot calipers on the front and dual on the rears. Stop on a dime.

    I am also running an Aprilia rsV mille mastercylinder which was needed to pressurise the system. No modifications necessary for that one and that would improve the braking effect.

  • There are pretty much no bigger bolt on callipers that fit the DT fork leg without Modification/fabrication work. And if you want a bigger disc, a 1991-95' WR/YZ disc will fit a DT hub.

    An early YZ calliper and disc is a good option.

    I'm running a Brembo Twin pot on a 300mm DTX disc, and it's not bad.

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    COOL Thanks for the replies guys, have you posted any pics somewhere please???

  • Now didn't someone take the brakes of the Yamaha R125? I seem to remember them being little work. But darty is right, if you're going to do it then you may as well do it properly.

  • @Darty Yeah there insane builds, I just wish I had the time.

    I spotted this on the web, I was thinking something like this beastly front brake set-up;

    alt text

  • @CYBER-NINJA Ohh yeah, the ol' TDR setup is cool. That's an easy job to put on. They are longer forks aswell, bit nicer road manners. Think it's all there on eBay at the moment too.

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    @CYBER-NINJA Ohh yeah, the ol' TDR setup is cool. That's an easy job to put on. They are longer forks aswell, bit nicer road manners. Think it's all there on eBay at the moment too.

    Would I have to swap to those forks, in order to run that set-up then? Or will they bolt straight on to my stock forks???

  • @CYBER-NINJA Compare the calliper mounts, You need the TDR fork leg to run that Brembo caliper straight in. The DT caliper mounts are wider, I have measurements somewhere :L

  • @Darty OK So ultimately I would have to swap the forks to match the calipers, Ie fit a whole new front end to achieve the best results? Which is an option I was thinking about for the future, so if I upgraded the forks to a sexy pair of USD's, say from a YZ for example, then I could just run their brakes Np's? Providing that the disc fitment is the same of course?

    Will some USD's fit into the stock yokes, or would the whole lot have to be changed?

    Sorry I'm new to all of this [Big dreams, Small wallet, Limited knowledge!!! LOL] ;O)

  • @CYBER-NINJA haha same here really, But to fit any new bigger calliper will need a bracket to accept the calliper bolt 1of2 onto the fork leg, because I couldn't find anything thats fits.

    DTR yokes are 41mm, So you will need the bigger yokes for Inverted forks.

    I reckon a YZ/WR early 1990s calliper onto a YZ disc for that year is the best option without changing a wheel or fork. Those YZ/WR calliper mounts around 1987-1991 are not far off. Needs fettling tho anywhere you look at

  • @Calum @Darty Thanks guys, the R125 calipers are only 2 pots with two pistons pushing onto the same side of the disc. I'm sure they would be an upgrade over the stock calipers, but I feel a true 4 pot caliper would be more effective.

    I've been doing some research and discovered this lil gem, (scroll down to Nev's post at the bottom);


    alt text

    alt text

    I like both of your set-up's and call me picky if you will, but I would prefer true 4 pots and also to have my brakes sporting a Brembo logo rather than an Aprilla one!

    Looking at other models, I have discovered that the XT660R and the DT125X both came with a Brembo 4 pot and 300mm disc. So I'm thinking that may be a good combo to use, as I can also use the front master cylinder from the XT as well? The only part which would need fabricating would be an adapter bracket for the disc and caliper to make it all fit, which is a relatively straight forward job, so long as all the offsets are right or course. The biggest problem I for-see is finding discs which will fit the DT's 3x2 bolt pattern on the hub, Larger 320mm discs are more readily available, which may be a better bet as there's more choice. Plus they may be able to be drilled to match that 3x2 fitment on the DT hub. Does anyone know if the XT/DTX/WR hubs are the same as the DT hubs or not please?

    For the rear I've discovered a matching 2 pot Brembo caliper, from a Ducati Monster, which has a similar hanger to the stock DT one as well. It uses a 245mm disc, so again that may be another good staring point, with minimal mods to make her fit as well?

    alt text

    More research required me thinks, TBC................................................

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yeah that's good ol Nev for you. He used to moderate with me and a few others on the old forum, he's a good bloke, very knowledgeable.

    Well let us know how you get on.

    He posted a lot of his findings on the old dt forum, I'm sure that site would act as a goldmine for information

  • @CYBER-NINJA I copied Nev's findings to be fair. DTX/YZF/XT Twin Pot Brembo(they are the same) but the XT calliper mount is a closer fit to a DT fork leg. good shout. You should lace up an Alloy wheel and bigger hub man, DT wheels are steel and less weight will improve brake performance

    what ever happened to Nev's TZRRHybrid!?? Was on point

  • @Darty Last I heard he was taking it easy because of health problems

  • @Calum & @Darty;

    I was looking on the old forum, but a lot of the pictures posted on there are no longer visible for some reason. So I ended up widening my search to get more info.

    I have alloy wheels on my wish list. I suspected that the stock rims are steel and as a long term cyclist I'm aware of the benefits of ali rims over steel. I have my eye on some nice alloy rims on ebay and discovered a UK company that refurbs motorbike wheels, so I was gonna get the new alloy rims and re-use the existing hubs. I have seen lots of very sexy ali aniodised hubs, but there not that cheap. However new hubs would probably open up the door for a wider choice of discs I guess?

    What size hubs would I need and which hubs would you recommend please???

  • @CYBER-NINJA I'm looking into a custom wheel set-up starting with YZ Talon hubs. I'll let you know what I come up with.

  • @CYBER-NINJA please don't buy those. They are way too cheap.

    Usually wheels are expensive with good reason.