Yamaha Arm Relay | Rear Arm Help!!!

  • Hello,

    I have completely stripped my Yamaha DT125 X down to frame. I need advice on how to remove the link between the rear arm and frame. the bolt spins around & the arm moves freely. I have tried everything, I have soaked it in ac-90 over night, heated it and used a drift to force it out. Nothing seems to move it. Can somebody please help?
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  • Get some heat on it and give a good tap with a bar it will come out

  • So common this.

    You will need to just use lots of penetration fluid, heat and time and patience.

  • Thank you both for the advice. I tried heat and a good tap, but no luck. I ended up cutting it off with an angle grinder. I have another one off a DT125x

  • @Calum Hi Calum, off topic. I was reading the Athena 170 thread and you mentioned that you would recommend the Zeeltronics. I have been looking into the PCDI-10VT, Would you recommend using the PCDI-10VT on a stock engine?

  • Yes I would

  • Hello, I have had a re-bore to 57mm (PJME) and I have a full arrow exhaust. The carburettor is stock and is up jetted.(RRP Coventry) When I bought the bike a green/black wire has been cut and is connected to the frame via the radiator mounting bolt hole. I have had the bike dynoed (RRP Coventry) and on the power run it archived 23 WHP, ( I can show you the dyno printouts ) will the PCDI-10VT increase the BHP?

  • A little bit off topic...but yes/no.

    It may do, but what you'll really notice is the spread of power across the rev range.