• Got my DT running and mapped with the ignitech and new DTR engine, sounds really sweet, couple little issues but only one I don't think I can work out how to resolve, how is the YPVS wired into the unit? And by any chance would anyone be able to tell me the cable colours to the terminal number on the Ignitech DCCDIP2? I'm pretty sure it's the four pin servo as it's the later DTRE/X loom and pv. I am pretty lost right now haha. I bought an unwired unit as ignitech never replied to any of my emails, same goes with the support for some reason.. Would like the bike rideable soon but struggling enough for time to get out in the garage at the moment 😞

  • @Glynn123 Sorry to hear that, mine came with plugs, and they even changed them over when I sent it back to fit my '01 3RM loom,

    It's a tiny company, seem to of fallen off the wagon a bit.

  • @Darty yeah seems a difficult one, really don't know where to start with the YPVS at all wiring wise..

  • I think this was why Skellerns seemed to use Zeeltronic, they were a little hotter on the support

  • @Calum saved Abit of money with the ignitech and I'm really happy with the new software etc to be fair though, and the spark is terrific out the unit!