• So, there is that ULEZ zone around London and pre 2007 bikes must pay a £12.50 charge to enter. It doesn't currently cause me problems commuting but it may well do when the area expands in 2021. Other cities will most likely follow suit down the line, so would be nice if we can work out if a DT could pass the test.
    It would be handy to pop into town on the bike if I wanted too of course 🙂

    There seems to be 3 main ways of conforming to the rules.
    First and second is to obtain a certificate of conformity or a homologation certificate from the manufacturer to present, some seem to be now charging for this privilege. So, what do you think the chances are of Yamaha having these for a DT?

    Thirdly, is to take your bike for an emissions test on a case by case basis, so just because one DT passes does not mean yours will. Currently only 1 place in the whole of London has been authorised to do this, Riverbank Motorcycles, and they want £175 for each test. What they are looking for are the Nox levels and the magic number is 0.15g/km or lower.

    Lots of older bikes seem to be passing, albeit I've yet to see a 2 stroke mentioned in any blurb I've read yet.

    What do we think? Is this possible for a DT, anyone got any idea of Nox emisons on our bikes?

    Oh yeah, did any year DT's come with a cat in the silencer? 😄

  • @Pablo13 In order to beat the 'City Tax' personally I would use the simplest solution and not give the thieving bastards any more of my hard earned cash. Which would be to use public transport and give them the 🖕 🖕 🖕

  • The later dts came with catalytic converters. I am not convinced that I would pay £175 for emissions, to fail. Two strokes are not manufactured for a reason.

  • @Calum What years out of interest had cats?

    When you look at it £175 is less than two weeks worth of charges, so it would pay for itself pretty quickly.

    There are a few post 2007 strokers available like the KTM's and Huskys, so in theory a two stroke has the possibility of passing.

    I'd hate to see cities without the occasional sound of a two stoke reverberating off the buildings and a whiff of two stoke, it would take away some of the character 🙂

    Alternatively we could just wait, as I believe Historical vehicles (40+ years) are also exempt. Classic Lambrettas and Vespas should be cool.

  • 2000+

    For city riding a 4 banger would suffice. Only need to do 30. I would want a Honda Grom 😃

  • Run it with some methanol.. that will reduce emissions. Although you need to upjet

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