Kickstand circuit

  • Hi all,

    I have an issue on my DT125X where it starts but as soon an I put it in gear it dies.
    I’m sure it’s the kick stand safety Circuit. Traced the cables and there on blue and one white and black.

    The blue is connect to anywhere circuit but the black and white is just left as a dead leg and unterminated?

    Can any one tell me if this is correct?

    Much appreciate

  • On my '97 DT, someone just disconnected the wire and tucked it up the left side to the frame and insulated it with electrical tape.

    Try disconnecting the plug and seeing if it runs. If it does, just leave it disconnected and tuck the wire up.

  • @DTRLuke doesn't run with the plug disconnected. tried it out with my bike and then just decided to put the whole thing to use

  • Thanks for your help chaps.

    Tried earthing the black and white cable no joy ! The. I removed the plug and tried running with it discounted and still no joy!

    Just to be clear your bike is running with the black and white cable disconnected / earthed out to the frame!?

    Thanks for your help !

  • @Mike1992 No it was just unplugged and the wires were cable tied out of the way and insulated in tape.

    But mine was 10 years older than yours, so probably doesn't work on the X.

  • @DTRLuke
    I think if you cut the plug off an join both wires together it will work

  • @DTRLuke @dan28

    Thanks for your help chaps.

    Turned out not to be the Kickstand safety circuit!

    Check the spark plug outta of the head and it was not sparking.

    Turned out to be the wiring had come loose. I had to remove the seat and tank and get ready to start undoing copious amounts of electrical tape!

    Once all tape is out of the way I found a big bunch of black wires terminated together! This termination looks to be standard from factory at Yamaha. It looks like a big blob of solder is connecting them all together.

    To be honest it took me a while to finally figure out this was the fault as the connection looks really good and strong however there are so many cables in there and the connect was the problem.

    Instead of re terminating the cables I tied a cable tie tight around the neck of the bunch and that solved the issue, Spark plug now Sparks!

    Hope this helps people in the future !

  • @Mike1992 I think I may have accidentally un done my circuit I now don’t have a spark 😕 could you tell me the location of the safety circuit wires

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