What size sprockets on super moto wherls

  • Using 17 inch super moto wheels what's the best combination of sprockets to use I d like 520 pitch if possible

  • @dan28 13T Front, 52T rear is perky, a smaller 45T or something on the back would give more top end over 70 but I've yet to try it. Reckon it would be more fun.

  • I can't really comment since I've got completely different wheels. But I was running 14 front and something like 46 rear. And that was the biggest rear I could find. This meant top speed was around the same as before. Indicated 80 or so. But I was also running a TZR 4DL engine so....

    I have literally just commissioned Renthal to make me a 428 rear sprocket for the Aprilia wheels. They want £50 to fabricate the sprocket!!!

    But it's that, or stick with 520. I've done 520 now. It's a good crack. I just feel that it's zaps the power a little.

    Speaking of which. I have some Renthal Sprockets spare if you want them?

    Think I have 14 Tooth and 13 tooth front sprockets.

    And I have a Good Condition 520 O-ring Renthal Chain if it's any use to you!

    Just cover postage and they're yours.

  • @Calum
    That would be awesome Calum
    Thank you

  • @dan28
    Calum how do I pm you I m not used to the new forum

  • @Calum off topic here don't suppose you know the bearing codes for the 4dl bottom end can't find them anywhere