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    @Stevie-Wonder I bought a gold front wheel from the WR125X but I dont think I will be changing the rim. After so many years of riding off-road only I forgot how to ride on tarmac tires. I changed the wheels back to '21 & '18 and had much more fun today.

    Here's the new video: https://youtu.be/8mSVx4xcvw4

    And soon I will be posting a new thread with the DT200R build 🙂

    I feel you there man... I really do.
    Supermoto setups are fun but I’m really not a fan either, it just craps on all that vintage 90’s dirt bike goodness we all love. Kills the looks, characteristics and removes a lot of versatility too. There’s so much more fun to be had with the standard 18-21 setup and bloody quick with a decent set of 50/50/70-30 tires too

    It’s worth a mention that they only made gold WRX wheels for a year or two and amongst the WR community they’re quite sought after (WR125 riders don’t know about properly modifying a bike so will fork out top $$$ for things like that) so if you’re ever thinking about selling them hop on Facebook

    Look forward to seeing more man, I didn’t see anything in my subscriptions on YouTube but I’m gonna go check it out now

  • At the end of the day, if you spend 90% of your time on the road, then SuperMoto Setup is just better for your uses.

    From the videos and photos, @Challenger Does go offroading.

    It can be done on SM setup, but you don't want to be in the mud, just dry dirt.

    It's horses for courses, I personally always wanted an SM and the fact of the matter was I couldn't afford one so got the RE.

  • @Stevie-Wonder actually I have a second rear wheel for sale with gold rim, but the rim is not so good looking anymore. Trying to sell it locally at the moment. And to be honest I loved the looks of the WR on 17's, but its just not the same.

    @Calum I never used my bikes for transportation, just for fun. And sure, after installig 17's I was driving in light terrain, meaning casual forest roads and it was a lot of fun too, as its so easy to get some sideways action on them. But as soon as I had to go thru some sand it was a pain and often I had to get off the bike and push it.

    On the DT Im building I'll put on some 50/50 tires on the 21 & 18 wheels.

  • Its been some time since last update, but the WR is running as always. Lately I've been riding with two old-yamaha gearheads and it was fun! You can check 3 movies we made on my yt channel -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVcP2LzhKi6GqQKIhwrAhg

    alt text

    And of course I noticed a lot of differences while riding on the YZ, either 125 or 250 when compared to the WR200. Both of them vibrate a lot, but thats normal as they dont have the balancer shaft. The 250 is hard to start, it really has high compression(never tried starting the 500cc 2t, that'd be a challenge!) and they both stall easier when riding with low engine speed. The 250 has a lot of bottom end power, the 125 is all about the top end power.
    While the WR200 is all about the mid-range(on fmf exhaust). Its very easy to ride compared to the YZ's, easy to start and just roll on the idle between the trees. Its a very user-friendly bike. Of course it doesnt have the power of 250 or even YZ125 as the peak power Im sure is better in the YZ. Of course Ive been riding almost only on my WR for the past 4 years so its a different thing when you jump on a bike you dont know at all and ride for 10 minutes. All of them are awesome, just very different.

    And last week we all went to the same old cross-country championship race where I was making my first steps on the WR. It was cold, it was wet and it was muddy. But it was AWESOME!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    And I went home with the 3rd place trophy. Its a funny thing - 3 times I started in this race and every time I was 3rd, no matter the class or how many people were starting at that time 😛

    Here are all my trophies so far:
    alt text

    And you can check out this vid from the race, you probably wont understand much, but the WR is in 1:49 and 10:56 😉

  • Very cool!

    That looks like a lot of good fun. Congratulations on 3rd!

  • Hello!
    I am looking for an aluminum swingarm for a custom project. I have a Yamaha XT660 and my swingarm has the same progression system as WR200. In addition, many parts have the same serial number. Can anyone take measurements for me? I am attaching a few sketched screenshots. Thanks!
    1.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg

  • @alexmoto84

    alt text

    the '11' is +/- 1mm

  • @Challenger Thank you very much for your quick reply! You helped me a lot! Thanks!

  • Today the black rear wheel from WR125X arrived.

    alt text

    Its a funny thing that I keep buying the SM stuff that I will barely use as I prefer the off-road wheels, but its a nice addition to have for the bike. And it was just so cheap I couldnt pass it.

    So thats how the SM wheels setup of a guy that preferes offroad looks like:
    alt text
    (wheels are dirty on the pic, the first pic shows the black rear wheel after cleaning)

    And currently Im waiting for my second WR frame to be back from powder coating. I will be switching the frame in the bike.

    And I also got some work done on my 3rd project

    alt text

    Does anyone recognize this engine?

  • @Challenger DT250 engine?

    Yeah nice setup of sumo rollers 😉

  • @Calum naa, you need to think more off-road, not dual sport types of old yama bikes 😉

    And also I forget to mention that I keep bending the original rims, of course they are known from rotting from the inside which i cleaned as good as I could, but there is no point for me to change them for new ones if they will be bent in a couple of rides.
    But I have an extra set of enduro wheels too, so thats not a big problem 😉

    alt text

  • Dayum 🤣

    You need to be less harsh to your wheels.

    Are these aluminium wheels? You might be better off with the DTR Rims which could be stronger being steel.

  • @Calum yes, they are aluminium, but the front DT wheel wont fit because of the different brake disc. I will probably just ride the both sets of enduro wheels and when they will be all bent I'll buy some new rims. Other than that I want to keep this bike as close to original as I can. Now it has the cylinder sleeve instead of nicasil plating already(which I think is a good choice for this bike) but I dont want to use the heavy steel wheels. I dont even think they would be that much tougher. Almost all of the DT's I saw had a bent on a front rim.
    But yeah, I just like to go full throttle on the rubble covered roads sometimes 😛

  • @Challenger
    I’ve had steel wheels rust out inside, never had an ally one ‘rot’. It just looks like you stoked it on a rock. You might be able to get it straightened with heat. You’d have to retemper the metal after though...

  • @SpookDog
    alt text

    It looks like this, this was the worst rim I had. It was a common problem in the WR200, the rims from YZ's and DT200R didnt rot as bad.