2004 dt125r

  • Am new to this been driven a ybr 125 for about 3 year now felt like a needed abit more fun now an abit more excitement. So went an bought a 2004 dt125r nice bike plenty power. Guy says it's been sitting along time in the garden. Everything seems fine with it starts rides and stops as it should.. Sometimes bogs out an the values don't kick in every time am just wondering what's people's thoughts about this !

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  • Welcome aboard. Going from a four stroke to a two stroke can feel like a bit of a nightmare after spending three years on a YBR. Lots of new things to learn, the reward? Power and a sound that can’t be replaced.
    How do you mean the bikes bogging? When you rev the bike does it lose revs and when was the last time the carb had some love

  • @Ronnie Welcome to the club dude, throw up some pics!!!

  • @Ronnie hello and welcome Ronnie. If it's been laid up in the garden for a few years my guess is the carb may need a good clean. Take the float bowl off to get to the jets, take them out and blow them through. Maybe just with your mouth and wash with petrol or get a can of carb cleaner or if you're not confident to take the carb apart you could try some fuel system cleaner that you add to the fuel tank but if you get yourself a Haynes manual you can't really go wrong and you'll almost certainly use the manual again and again, definitely a worthwhile investment. As for the powervalve, that may just need a clean to stop it sticking. I'm sure somewhere on this forum there's a link to download the manual for free. Good luck and when you get a chance share a few pics of your new ride.

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