Bearing pullers?

  • Any knowledge about which, what and how many different bearing pullers are needed to remove all the blind bearings, main bearings (case & crank) from a dt block?
    I’ve got zero experience on these engines. I’ve always used the caveman approach in the past, but with the internet and eBay you can buy specialist tools so cheap and easy.
    I’m actually quite surprised no one has put together a tool package of clutch/flywheel holder bearing pullers, ect. overhaul package and bunged it on fleabay

  • My experience of buying tools is buy cheap, buy twice

    Currently I have the following two stroke tools;

    Simple flywheel puller - maybe £5
    TZR125R or any electric start Yamaha 125 flywheel puller - £40
    DT125R or any kickstart Yamaha 125 flywheel holding tool - £100 (Genuine Yamaha)
    Crankcase separator - £70 approx
    Crankshaft installation tool - £70 approx
    Yamaha (EBC) clutch holding tool - £35 approx

    Not sure there is the demand for a full kit from many people as those in the know will build up their own workshop range from preference and those who dont will probably pay someone else to do it for them

    Saying all that though having all the correct tools actually makes working on the engine a pleasure and reduces the chance of breaking anything

  • Don't need any bearing pullers to remove the bearings from the block.

    Preheat the oven 200 degrees celcius. Drop the cases in face down. Wait until you hear the bearings fall out clangs.

  • Just do it when no one else is home 😉

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