125 dt carb question

  • Hi guys,

    Just bought a dt 125r from 1990.
    Got a question for the carb.

    Does the 2 circled pipes go anywhere or are they overflows?

    alt pic carb

    Thanks for the help!

  • They are carb warmer pipes.

    Coolant from the cylinder head go to the carb to warm it up!

  • @tim85 on my bike they are overflow/breather pipes as they connect to nothing, just directed downwards. I think The smaller lower one is for when you drain the float bowl. The carb warming pipes are on the other side and a bit higher. Sort of directly behind the choke linkage, 2 pipes quite close together and pointing upwards My warming pipes have just been removed and looped at the cylinder head by the previous owner. I guess they're only needed if you live in a cold country.

  • Yeah sorry, not sure what I was really thinking. I jist said carb warming pipes for no discernable reason.

    I haven't seen that carb for years. I can't even remember where those hoses are anymore.

    The fact they are pointing down suggest that they are overflow.

  • @Calum no worries mate. When somebody asks that question it usually is the warmer pipes they're refering to as I think they're quite a rarity. Well in the UK at least.

  • Ok, thx a lot guys... it runs fine, but just wanted to make sure

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