DTR Ignition Maps & Timing

  • Hello all, it’s been a while since I posted
    Just got the dt back out after a long time sitting, poor compression about 150 miles after rebuild with my new DTR bottom end and 3mb head and barrel with wossner piston, glazed bore so honed it and shaved my cylinder head down from a whopping 1.5 ish mm squish band to 0.9mm. Just run it in but been having issues with bogging out at higher revs and my ignition maps on ignitech. Long story short I’ve sorted out my float issues and jetting with Polini 32mm carb, that’s all good, and I’ve got good compression and squish band now. But I’ve been experimenting with ignition maps based off what I can find off old threads and research through varius forums, my ignitech ignition was a universal DCDIP2 so I had to splice into my loom and in turn had no basemap for the DT... I never got a reply off ignitech direct so couldn’t get a one ready made. I have a few maps that I think are in ballpark, ones near a standard curve which runs well but I’m looking to push this bike and make good power, I don’t commute and it’s a toy I’ve owned since I was 17 so I’m not all that worried about reliability. I experimented with a tune based off a 4DL race bike, the owner had been dyno testing and made somewhere around 28hp. I used some data off his curve and retarded it slightly where I thought it was a little advanced and then went for a ride. The bike was a completely different beast, for a short while... then I had some issues and basically in the higher gears it’s not wanting to push past 120-130kmh, it falls flat on its face like it’s losing fuel, but I’m sure it isn’t as I’ve got my carburettor issues all sorted out and with my regular slightly advanced stock tune I can push well past and off the clock zero issues. The bike has also melted a couple plugs after short pulls with this 4DL based tune (BR8ES)
    I’ve ordered some BR9ES plugs but I’m back on my nearly stock tune now, I’ll post screenshots of the maps shortly when I’m on my PC, but I’m just wondering if any of you few Zeeltronic or Ignitech users out there have some good ignition maps that you wouldn’t mind sharing, I thought by creating this post we can share abit of knowledge to help someone in the future who might be having the same issues as me to come to a solution. I obviously have a lot to learn on this subject but I’m really struggling for base material on the original curves and how far these engines can be pushed, for reference my current modifications are a Polini Pwk 32mm carb, cut air box lid, slightly smoothed port where they transfer in crankcase, carbon fibre reeds, 3mb head @ 0.9mm squish, DTR bottom end (1998?) Romeu hendriques exhaust system. Thanks in advance and anything I find I’ll add into here later, but I don’t wanna share potentially dangerous maps and cause anyone else to have the same issues haha

  • That's interesting, I never tried to modify the maps on my Zeel. I suspect now that my zeel is faulty and this is the second one to have gone faulty. I've got a stock CDI so I will test that out soon and find out for sure.

  • @Calum the ignitech seems to work fine but I’ve had a couple little issues, it took ALOT of time to get it wired and actually doing something at the start, these are hard to diagnose faults aswell, I’m just a little lost with it all now and looking to possibly push some boundaries with a fairly budget setup, I’ve got someone local ready to do dyno sessions after lockdown. Even the standard ignition map details from a zeeltronic would give me a good start I think, I just need the degrees per 1000rpm or such. It’s very interesting how much of a difference small changes in timing affected mine, the 4DL based tune really ripped, I’m +1t front sprocket on sm wheels and it stood right up in first and second under acceleration, shame I can’t keep it from eating plugs haha

  • The zeel maps are on their site.

    It was plug and play and was fine. I got one on my RS works a treat.

  • @Calum oh great I’ll have a look for that, you wouldn’t remember at all which one you had best success with would you? Or are they all fairly close

  • Without a dyno, the differences are negligible. I am happy to plug in my programmer to show you what I ended up with if that helps. But they are more or the less the same as far as I could tell.

  • @Calum if you get a spare minute that would be great cheers, I can’t seem to get the files off the zeel website, I downloaded the programmer but can’t load anything as need to plug a unit in by the looks of it. I’ve spent an hour or so adjusting my safe map to add abit of advance and try get abit more torque in the midrange for now, will see how this goes over the next few days and update this post, but yeah it would be great if I could compare against a professional such as zeel

  • The maps were just on a document I'll have a look.

  • @Glynn123 Yeah that's weird, I couldn't find it.

    I received a digital copy when I emailed them so here it is.

    alt text

  • @Calum thanks Callum, yeah I’m sitting a bit more advanced than that but a similar curve, I’ll compare better later and update, but I’m at 14 degrees timing at around 10k rpm

  • What do you guys do for an ignition sensor/pick up & have you retained the o.e. magneto/flywheel or done something bespoke?

  • Zeeltronic is a plug and play solution

  • @Calum Ah ok. Thanks

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