Anyone got experience with power jets?

  • Just wondering of anyone has experience with power jets on the standard carb or otherwise. Did you need to re jet or make any other adjustments?

  • In what context? The power jet just takes control at wide open throttle from the main jet, the idea is that you can lean up the fueling to maximise power at that power.

  • I'm aware of the principles, just wondering if anyone has real world use experience good or bad to share. Thanks.

  • Well yes. I never touched the power jet, and then when I went to tune my DT I swapped the carb out for a Dellorto. So can't really help.

  • You cant modify or tune the power jet on Mikuni SS carbs, Like the DT.

  • The Mikuni website begs to differ "Kit may be installed easily on TM and VM series Motorcycle and Snowmobile carburetors."

    And I spotted a DT125LC with one fitted recently.

    To be clear we are not talking about main or pilot, or any other internal jet on the carb, Its an additonal Jet that bolts into the inlet flange before the butterfly and operates at WOT. Just how the main and pilot overlap this overlaps with the main jet for more top end fueling control.

    There around a score so I've ordered one to try anyway, will report back with findings 👍

  • @Pablo13 All well and good.

    Why would you add a Power Jet to A small carb with a power jet?

  • Exactly my point. The people that designed the carb also sell the kit, so there must be a reason they make it. Inherent design flaws?

    Anyhow its all hearsay until fitted and tested, we could sit here and chat about it until the cows come home. Real world experience is what is needed.

  • @Pablo13 No. You’ve missed the point using it on the standard carb, But I’m interested to hear how you get on with the TM28ss.

    I’ve got a similar carb, so keep us posted 👌