• Ptsch, I didn't know notice anything.

  • 34mm Carburettor on a standard engine really makes sense when you can adjust the timing,

    Above 6k it feels like a different engine, pretty aggressive with a nice bump in torque and power up to 11k,

    3rd to 4th sits in the power band (with a race pipe) pretty Godly compared to a stock DTR.

    The rest of the time it's bit of a non event, quicker flat out, but have yet to test it out fully.

    @Peluri What Mikuni Carb you using?

  • @Darty I use a flatslide TM 34 Mikuni. And my setup is far from stock otherwise btw 😄

  • @Darty Are you the guy who 3D-printed those new parts? Could you give me the files, I have access yo a 3D-printer? It'd also be nice to know what kind of plastic you used if it's flexible and can withstand gas and oil.

  • @Peluri What have you done to your DTR?

  • @Darty I have 131cc stock cylinder with 200° 70% exhaust port and redone transfers, a riser for the cylinder, lowered cylinder head with 1mm of squish, 34mm mikuni tm with modified original intake manifold, old model giannelli exhaust with HGS silencer, YPVS pinned open. Thinking about getting the Zeeltronic CDI so I could get a custom iginition curve and get the YPVS working properly.

  • The 3D printing is some serious next level shit. Wish I had access to one. I didn’t even know that there were different types of media to use. Good stuff!..

  • @Darty Or if you don't wanna give me the files for free, could you make me an intake and the tube between the airbox and the carb? I'd pay for those and for the posts, if we get into an agreement on the price?

  • @Peluri I wouldn’t describe having a pod filter as a problem, Jetting is more sensitive but they work just fine.

    Trouble is, I’ve designed something that fits my bike, which uses a WR200 Inlet manifold (which is lower, at a different angle and longer than the DTR version) and the TM ss which has an angled Venturi and is much shorter. Plus it’s designed to fit around a YZ490 shock which is much wider than standard. So the design is very specific and compromised to fit my exact needs.

    So it wouldn't fit your setup at all.

    It would be best to design an Inlet boot from scratch to fit your bike, and the DT in general.

  • @Darty Oh, didn't think of the wr inlet thing. I'm actually trying to modify the original inlet boot right now, if the project is successful I'll post some pictures. But thanks for responding. I don't think I have the skills to design something like that but I could try. I just really don't like my pod filter because it gets wet easily and just sucks a bit overall.