• Hi
    So just brought my brothers 56 plate Yamaha 125cc dtr e love it to bits all original parts but changed rear exhaust to DEP can and also super Moro tyres. Only done 4500 miles from new and looks new still see my profile photo.
    Any advice and tips would be great.
    Many thanks

  • @Ashleyday88 Hello and welcome.

    That the one on your profile?

    Looks smart bud. Rare to see them that clean these days.

    I hope you keep it that way.

    if it's bog standard, then a non-detrimental modification would be to derestrict the CDI by earthing the green/black wire behind the clocks.

    That will allow it to rev to the red line.

    Otherwise I'd leave it alone!

    Alternatively grab yourself a Zeeltronic ignition system and that will do the same and more! Best bang for buck. Bonus is that no one will know!

  • @Calum
    Please forgive my ignorance. What’s & Where’s a profile photo?...

    I did try looking!...

  • @SpookDog
    Click on your name so it takes you to your profile
    Top right of your profile you’ll see a grey circle with three dots in it, click that and voila!

    Clicking the background area behind that will give you the option to upload a photo for your profile, the same applies for the icon for your name

    Hope that helps