Is this my power valve servo? Does it matter that it's not connected to anything?

  • So today I got started to work on some problems I've been having lately and then the rain came to ruin my party. I'm feeling very envious of people with garages now!

    Anyway, whilst working my way towards my spark plug, I came across something today that didn't look too good.
    alt text

    I think this is a servo for the whole powervalve business, is that correct? there are two cables that route to a small cylinder on the left of the engine. You can actually see that small cylinder just above my thump in the background of the photo with the two rubber sleaved cables, those are the cables that route into this thing.
    Neither of the two cables are actually conected to the rotor, so I can't imagine it's doing anything useful in it's current state.

    I don't know much about the powervalve system or what it does, but would this be causing my bike any problms or doing it any harm?

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    Previous owner might have pinned open your valve and instead of just unplugging the servo, may have taken off the cables. When you turn on the ignition, you should see the servo rotate if its working.

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    In answer to your concern about it doing damage to the bike, no. It won't detrimentally effect the engine in any way, it just won't run as nicely as it would do if it was connected up properly.

  • Phew, good to know it's not messing anything up.

    Any advice on setting it up properly? any old guides you know of?

    Would using this random video as reference be a good idea?

  • @Uber_Beluga

    @Calum said in Setting up the PowerValve:

    Sounds like powervalve

    Quick test to see if it is.

    Take the exhaust off.

    Using the adjusting screws on the side of the engine. Move the powervalve so that it is flush with the exhaust port.

    Then disconnect the valve and test the bike. Should be low on power till around 6k where it will pick up right to the red line. If so voila, the powervalve needs setting up.

    Easy enough job.

    When you turn the ignition on, the powervalve iterates through a cleaning cycle where it will.go to max open and max close.

    By using fingers up the exhaust port. Turn the ignition on and off and feel how the powervalve sits. Adjust to a point where the valve turns to max open, and is flush with the port.

    This should line up with a mark underneath the powervalve cover. Although I prefer to feel how flush it is.

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    That's my video.

    It's a trival process.

    Personally, I would always line it up with the exhaust. So take the exhaust of and adjust it so that the valve is flush with the exhaust port. This way you guarantee it's open when it's open

  • Thanks, I'll do that.

    I tried to get the exhaust off, but was unfortunatly stopped by the bolt in the centre of this image.
    alt text
    I couldn't get at it with anything. I'll have to order a really long socket to reach the nut over that bolt.

    Oddly, the rota in my powervalve seems to have been slightly damaged at some point.

    The piece at the top of the pully has sheered completely. I couldn't work out what that bit was for. To be safe I was going to order a new one, but thought I'd ask here in case it's 100% not needed.

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    Yeah I can't stand that bolt and nut when you have the stock exhaust system! Don't think that snapped part is going to effect anything, I think it is literally just used as a mark to line up the valve properly.

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