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  • Hi, I recently bought a 1989 tdr125 to refurbish back to its original glory. I'm possibly an older owner, I bought a brand new Tzr 125 in 1988 when I was 18 and since then I have owned 3 dt125r's amongst other bikes but I'm a 2stroke addict with bikes.
    At the moment I have the tdr125 a gilera runner fxr180 a gilera ice and an aprilia sr50 which I'm building for my youngest son.
    I'm not just a bike addict though I'm addicted to cars as well but I'm trying to stick to bikes as there a lot cheaper to have fun with.


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    A lot cheaper, take up a lot less room, don't require an army of people or a crane to fix certain bits, and don't generally have as many problems / serviceable parts. I have never heard of a gearbox failing in a bike, and if I did, I would imagine it would be solely the fault of the rider!

  • @MIGHTYMAN I have plenty of times. In fact the percentage of gearbox failures on bikes is higher than cars. But then again how many litre production cars do you know of that come standard 150 bhp lol. Munch boxes on superbikes is fairly common. Yz ktms and the like all munch boxes.

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    I can understand competition bikes having chewed up gearboxes as people I have spoken to openly say that they have to shave minimal time off of laps by not using the clutch. In terms of the HP increase, cars & vans have much bigger gearboxes to account for this, but they still are made of chocolate in some bigger vehicles!

  • @MIGHTYMAN You can happily shift all day long without the clutch on the DT and crossers. You only use the clutch at the start, then most corners to keep the revs. Shifting isn't necessarily what you use the clutch for in MX.

    I ran the DT for months without a clutch cable. Doesn't harm the box.