Swapping DT R wheels onto a DT X

  • I have a dt x but have recently got addicted to green laning and thought it would be cool to have a set of knobblies I can put on at the weekends. I guess it would be easier to hotswap wheels than change tyres every 5 days

    The haynes manual says dt x's are mechanically the same as dt r's except for the rear brake caliper and 'modified front forks (without gaiters)'

    Does this mean I can look for a set of dt r wheels on ebay? Will it be a pain in the ass swapping them over regularly?

    Sorry if any of these are idiot questions, I only got my cbt 6 months ago and hadn't sat on a bike before

  • @wonkbreath The DTX runs 17" wheels, whereas the DTR runs the old school 21" front / 18" combo. I believe that the wheels are interchangeable, however the problem is that both bikes use different front brakes. The DTX has a larger front disc, with a different bolt pattern and the caliper mount's on the forks are different too. Plus the speedo would be out and give you inaccurate readings with the larger front wheel. So if you wanted the 21/18 set-up, you would have to swap the whole front end. (Forks, wheels and brakes) each time you go green-laning. Which obviously in not very practical and an expensive and time consuming pre-ride choar. So the simplest solution is to stick with 17" wheels and have two sets. One set with road tyres and another with off- round tyres, that is if you wanted run knobblies?

    A compromise would be to just have a single set of wheels and just run dual-sport tyres like the Avon TrailRiders. As that way you wouldn't have to swap any wheels over, I have just purchased a set for my DTR and can say that they are awesome tyres, very grippy and great road-holding. But although they have a very chunky tread pattern, be prepared for less grip when you are riding wet and muddy green lanes!!! ;O)

  • @wonkbreath Another alternative would be to buy a cheap crosser or field bike, (Like a stripped down DTR). It wouldn't take much to make it daylight road legal and then you can ride it to and from the green lanes. Plus you will be keeping your DTX nice and pristine, with probably less risk of trashing it??? LOL ;O)

  • Thank you for response, I think I will try a set of dual sport tyres for the mean time. At this moment I can only dream of a 2nd dt!

    Have you tried the Avon Trailriders off road yet?

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    I ran an enduro setup on my DTX from time to time. It was definetly an hour or two job as it required swapping wheels, forks, speedo front brake, and chain as I ran a 520 conversion. I still have the whole enduro setup tucked away in the garage if you are interested in going down that route.

  • @wonkbreath said in Swapping DT R wheels onto a DT X:

    Thank you for response, I think I will try a set of dual sport tyres for the mean time. At this moment I can only dream of a 2nd dt!

    Have you tried the Avon Trailriders off road yet?

    No I have not. If you read this review they took a set of TrailRiders on a trip all around the world, testing the tyre in every type of terrain. They even got 25km out of a set too, so they are durable as well as versatile in coping with all sorts of varying conditions.


  • @wonkbreath

    If your going off road, DTR forks will be much better, the spring rate and damping is softer and although not the best with a real harsh mid-stroke they work much better!

    Look out for older 1988-95' Yamaha YZ/WR wheels as they are a direct and light option to steel DTR wheels. Much better for hooning about on, I used to really enjoy off-roading mine, just got to try not to jump em too high... ruined my wrists 😄

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    buy second had sm wheels and put big chunkes on them young boy where i live did that