• I've ordered a new exhaust, (all will be revealed in time :D) and obviously will need to upjet the carb, it has a Mikuni on it and wondering where I can buy some jets?? Unsure of the jet it has in it at the moment, I heard that it could be a 240?

  • @Burridge It'll more than likely be a 240 main jet as that's the stock main jet I believe! You'll probably need to go to a 245 main jet that's what I'm running with a 58.40mm overbore and a dep exhaust system!l and the bike runs sweet! Could probably get away with a 250 main jet.. Search this item number on eBay: 272284958879 these are the ones I purchased the seller has a wide range of sizes available and they came next day.

  • THe later models came standard with 210 main jet. Dep themselves state main jet upping is not necessary. However I would always go by instant witg regards to any modification.

  • I think I probably could have been ok with just a 240 main jet with the dep exhaust system it's just after the rebore the bike would splutter and bog down and as soon as I went up to a 245 main jet it was back to normal again guess you could run the bike with the current jet after fitting the new exhaust and see how she goes 🙂

  • Thanks guys, and yeah When I get the pipe I'll see how it runs with the standard jetting and go from there!

  • Early 1990s DTRs were 190/210 Main Jets then after 99' went to 240.

    I ran a 250RD Main jet with a Dep, Standard Air filter and Snorkel removed and it was on point, pretty much perfect under 20 degrees air temp or so.

    Removed the air intake YIES Bottle and although there is a loss of midrange it is better on top, for High speed runs there is noticeable gain.

  • @Darty The early DT's ran the round slide carb en all!

  • @Calum haha yeah rocking a VM26SS, Yam cutting corners there