• I'm just wondering what sort of mileage you can get once you have switched onto the reserve tank? Let's say basic riding in and out of traffic with longish stints of 30-40mph?

    So what's your average miles covered 10-15m or more???


  • This reminds me, there's something I've been meaning to ask and it's which side of the tap(part you turn) puts it to on and reserve?? I thought that the shortest part of the handle (or whatever you'd call it( would be the end that you point to what you want. But this isn't true with turning the fuel off for example as the longest part points to off and you can't make the shortest part turn to it, so is it the same all the way around?? Total idiot question but it has confused me a tad compare to my last tap on other nikes 😛

  • @Burridge Horizontal or east/west is OFF, pointing down or south is ON and pointing north or up is RESERVE.

  • I did just over 19miles on reserve once, average speed over 55mph.. long B roads, no traffic and not riding it too hard, genuine result. The tank was pretty much empty.

    Standard jetting and the right sprockets with a Dep and it was over 50mpg if you were a bit savy with it. Excellent commuter 2stroke!

  • IT will depend though. If the bike has been messed about with then it may be the over way arou d. It is said that the fuel filter should be clesned. The fuel filter controls the reserve tank and main tank. Bassically it is two snorkels. One short one high. When the fuel runs low it dips below the high snorkel. You then switch to the low snorkel.

    If they have been swapprd around upon cleaning then thos will be different. Really easy job to fix