• How do you do it with the engine still in the frame? There's such limited room I can't even fit a small wrench over some of the bolts, only way I got the head off was with a small spanner but need to use a torque wrench to put the new one on??

  • FT in the correct sequence was all I could do.

    But my engines have been built out of the bike now.

    The only thing I won't be able to do is to torque them to spec once the engine has been run up to temperature.

  • I managed to torque mine down ok with my torque wrench although trying to torque down the nut facing the frame was a nightmare!! what I had to do was remove the front engine / frame bolt and the small one at the back near the swing arm and loosen the engine/swing arm bolt a bit and I was then able to lift the front of the engine up allowing me enough room to torque that nut down and the rest in sequence it definitely can be done without removing the engine from the frame.

  • Cheers guys, managed to use the torque wrench on all but 2, guess work with the one closest to the front part of the frame and the one next to the thermostat housing