How To: Carburettor Tuning

  • @pajo1230 If you're going to increase the air intake, you will want to rejet to suit. But it's not something I can simply tell you. You have to jet it to your surroundings and environment. You may have high quality fuel, in which case uping the jet may not be necessary.

  • I mean "increase air intake" was the duct tape on airbox like hole under the seat ment to be there or was that added after because i didnt do that and it seems logicly to increase air intake with full exhaust but i wont like drill holes in the airbox or something like that just remove the duct tape.

    Because i see alot of people having 230-240 jet on the bike with aftermarekt exhaust that makes me want to change the main jet.

  • @pajo1230 Yeah, want and need are two different things. Jet accordingly would be my advice. If it's lean, up the settings, if it's rich, lean it off.

  • Right, ty for the advice.

  • @Calum a guy I watch on youtube put a video up yesterday and I also been doing my jetting as you know so I thought I would come have a look what was put for re-jetting on here think you could add about plug chopping as there more reliable and simplify the procedure

  • @terry-tz Plug chopping is really only an indication of roughly where abouts the fuel is under load.

    If you really want to do it properly, you buy a wideband and monitor the AFR getting it spot on with the fueling.

  • that's just not gonna happen though unless your a professional 2 stroke tuner or a racing team with money to waste

  • @terry-tz I got a carb that’s running rich on idle and I can’t get a pilot small enough higher revs the bikes good any ideas?

  • I'm no expert @declan just tinkering so I wouldn't like to say but don't see why you cant get a smaller pilot jet

  • @terry-tz they only go so small I’m on a 32 lowest is 30 I care from a 36 I believe but it’s still way too much I roasted an head gasket because I had the af screw too far out to combat the problem (I knew the risks)