Barrel differences

  • Just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the standard 3MB00 cylinders vs the 3MB00-P stamped one? I was considering picking up the Athena big bore kit for another DT project I was putting together then I've came across a seller on eBay selling a P stamped 3MB00 cylinder with a Mikita piston claiming that it out performs the Athena kit so curious to know the opinions on this one as I've heard of it before ? ..

  • I have a P stamped cylinder on mine and want to know the difference too!

  • Larger Exhaust port and Powervalve to match it, That's it. :L

    The best thing about the 4DL series1, 3 was that the 3MB-P barrel was matched to a revised and higher compression Cylinder head marked only P', better squish than a 3MB head.

    It's pretty rare to see a whole top end, I've only seen 2 this year complete.

    Belgarda built the TZR125RR in low numbers, got to be less than 5000 Y-1, Y-3 4DL's

    It's the most full power factory top end, bar the glorious SP version.

  • Sweet! Very informative , was going to put a bid in on it this morning before the auction ended it was the complete thing with a Mikita piston could have been a good little upgrade for me .

  • @Biker_123 Looked to good to miss, so I bought it.. Needs some work on that head though!

  • @Darty Nice one!! Yeah I was so tempted to go in for it haha glad you got it I'm sure you'll get it sorted the way it should be..

  • Hhmm, I am.running 3mb00P and they are not the best. I shoulf have posted all the information on this forum. But they had a raised exhaust port anf that was it. Port dimensions are the same. Exhaust port may have been larger, or I was told it was raissd.

    I wasn't overwhelmed with its performance. But I had my ported abd squishband sorted.

    If you were to ride both the P and the nornal you wouldn't tell the difference. The fact is ghe TZR is just more suited to larger power so it goes noticed.

    The Athena would outperform the 125 since it hs 50cc more.

    But the Athena isn't the best of kits

  • @Calum Nice good info was just curious as the seller claimed this P stamped top end was more powerful than the Athena that's why I nearly bought it. I'm still 50:50 on the Athena kit I do keep hearing horror stories about it and for the money if I added a few hundred I could pick up that wr 200 engine as its still on eBay all these months later only thing that's holding me back is she's put the price up higher and isn't including the flywheel and stator but engine be an upgrade for sure! Im looking for a bit more power now as the bikes are starting to feel a little bit slow so with my next DT project I'm looking for half decent upgrades before I begin .

  • @Biker_123

    The 3MB00-P top end is nothing to special, maybe an extra 1-2nd hp at most,

    Definitely get a programable Ignition before anything else, it's a must for tuning! an engine transplant is the best way to see ever see over 25bhp,

    The Athena kit isn't worth the money, the porting is not good enough

    Sadly pretty expensive for little results in 170spec, just not a racey engine package

  • @Biker_123 I would go wr all the way.

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