• Nice to meet you all.
    Posted once before regarding a carb and got a lot of useful help, much appreciated!

    How do you post on the market place? I have a DT 125 LC exhaust to flog as my pa got the wrong one!


  • I believe that you have to have gained a certain amount of reputation before you are able to post stuff for sale? I'm not sure what the number is, so you may be better off with ebay or gumtrree?

    Welcome anyways dude!!! ;O)

  • The market place is only open to verified members. I don't want members to be scammed on here that is what killed the old.forum.


  • @Calum Just a thought bud, but perhaps you could open it up to 'Active' members and allow them to post a link to their external sales ad? Sort of a reverse to the "Item Spotted" section aka an "Item offered" section. As that way we would have a centralised database of bikes and parts available? But with all sales conducted externally, so there would be no opurtunity for the scammers to work with and ruin this great forum. You could also limit the amount of posts per member per week etc.

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    @CYBER-NINJA I agree with you in part, but definitely think that for verified members, they should still be able to sell the item directly to another member on here as Paypal has you covered either way. An external ad does usually also end up costing the seller a small amount of time and money.

  • To be honest it should just be 50 posts. I will have to double check the rules though. It is wrong at the moment I am aware of that. I shall look into it.

  • @Calum Maybe 40 posts and 20 rep might be a more secure way to combat the scammers???