• I can't find much info on this website about this. Has anyone got rid of the airbox and snorkel and just attached a k&n style cone air filter to the carb. I'm running a little rich anyway so could be a way of letting a bit more air in.... A small amount ad weight saving again and much easier to remove carb for tuning and cleaning, Any advice appreciated

  • @dtluke I can't remember if we had a discussion on here or it was on the old forum about this? But basically removing the air box in favour of an external filter is a big no-no. They let in water and engines don't like water inside em. So sadly the air box is the best solution. Hence why all bikes even thumping big ducati's and Triumph's etc have em.

  • @CYBER-NINJA cool, understood. Thanks

  • Agree to a point. If you take the bike offroading then yeah it's not the best idea. A box will stop the water getting through.

    But for all other times I have never had a problem. I used to commute every day stormig rain or sunshine and never had a problem.

    As long as you don't shoot tbe damn thing with a pressure washer you will be fine.

  • No point removing the Airbox unless your planning on using a bigger carb. The TM28ss on pod Airfilter does not achieve much of a worth while gain.

  • @Darty Yet Rob down at Skellerns Yamaha said pretty much the opposite, that the box impeded air flow when using bogger carburettors etc. His recommendation was to remove the top section of the box. When going all out power of course.

  • @Calum For Top end, yeh as much Air as possible. Mine goes so much better from 8k on after opening up the Airbox.

  • I see lot's of track bikes with no air box and a K&N type filter, so I guess there fine and obviously the best way to increase air flow for-sure. Interesting that you use to run one without any probs Calum. You can also get those air filter covers, K&N, Twin Air, and Airheadz make them. A bit like a sock which lets air thriugh and not water. I have the Airheadz one and it's pretty damn good under the tap. I wouldn't run a foam filter like Ramair naked though!!! LOL 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA Lol that's exactly what I run lol. Ramair filter. Never had any problems.

    Lots of.people on the Starlet forum run no air filters on their cars.

  • @Calum Cars are a bit different as the air filter gets lots of protection due to the big lump of metal wrapped around the engine. LOL

    I use to have a metal Blitz air filter tucked under the bumper on my GT4. It got lots of cold air and never rusted, but it sure whistled when the turbo spun up and started sucking in air real hard. Man that car was a beast!!! 🙂

  • Yeah which is why it was a side note rather than a big point. Still not something I would do personally.