Project SMX [Pic Heavy]

  • I started preparing the wheels by stripping the paint off and rubbing them down, so that I can respray them;



  • Wheels all prepped and ready for respraying:


    Primer and 2 top coats applied;


    Final top coat sprayed on today;




    They turned out really good for a rattle can job, so I'm very happy. I'll let the paint harden for 48 hours and then give them a quick buff up and apply 2 coats of Lacquer to seal them, which will also hopefully maintain their freshness too.

  • Wheely good rattle can spray job complete, all ready for some rubber now; 😁 🏍💨 😎




  • I resprayed a few other parts whilst waiting for the paint to dry in between coats on the wheels. I decided I wanted the yokes orange to match the frame, so I bought another set and sprayed them up;


    I couldn't find another black rear mudguard, so I ended up buying a new red one and resprayed it;



    And finally I gave the radiator grilles some love;

  • Yokes have come up really well!

  • @Calum Yeah thanks, they look good on too along with the Carbon fork protectors. I used an enamel paint so it should be hard wearing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:




  • This will be a weapon when it is done

  • @Calum Thanks bud.

  • Oh rubber - wherefore art thou!!! 🏍💨💨💨


  • @NINJA aren’t you worried the tyre fitting will ruin your paint job

  • @declan Hell yeah, the tyre shop I use are normally pretty good and the technician is a biker so hopefully he will look after them. :crossed_fingers_light_skin_tone: :crossed_fingers_light_skin_tone: :crossed_fingers_light_skin_tone:

  • @NINJA that wheels :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:

  • I have not had my wheels damaged when having tyres fitted. That's their job right.

  • @Calum True but sadly we live in a world full of incompetent fools and shit happens. Hence why I took my wheels to a reputable tyre shop, who I have used many times and have been reliable thus far. So hopefully they will come back in the same condition? I'm just waiting for the call to say that they are ready - TBC...................

  • @Calum Youd think so I’ve used many places the one place punctured my new tube then put my old tube back in saying there’s something wrong with the rim further inspection showed a clear tyre lever pinch on my new tube ended up doing that one my self, another time at a different place my tyre ended up on backwards and my rims need repainting after every time

  • @NINJA and btw that scalvini pipe is outrageous

  • Well sadly either talking about it jinxed the fitting or the tyre gremlins chose me today. I got a call to say that the rear has been fitted perfectly, but the front tyre has split on the bead and is no longer usable. Which is very weird considering they are brand new tyres. The tyre shop were very apologetic and quickly offered to supply a brand new front tyre FOC. Which hints at something they did to cause the damage? So I got the rear back unscathed, but will have to wait until Monday for the front. Nothing is every easy or straight-forward in life sadly!!! :angry_face: :crying_face: :pouting_face: :pouting_face:



  • @NINJA beauty and yes they most likely screwed it up it’s easier to do than you may think hopefully it gets sorted on their dime and not yours

  • @declan Well they promised me a new tyre FOC, so we'll have to wait and see what transpires on Monday.

  • @NINJA hopefully it all works out okay, can I drop you a line on messanger real quick?

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