Hi guys.

  • Went and got myself a 2005 dt RE yesterday and it does not want to reach 50mph! Power valve is set up correctly and working fine. I am running it on a premix 25:1. Oil pump has been took off and the little gold pipe on the Carb manifold has been blocked off by previous owner. Does anyone know why it won't hit 50mph?

  • @tdr125 Welcome to the club!!! Post some pics dude, we all love a good photo shoot. 😉

  • ![0_1475063938065_IMAG0010.jpg](Uploading 100%) **0_1475063952022_IMAG0006.jpg ![0_1475063978212_Screenshot_20160927-184703.png](Uploading 94%)

  • That pipe has been blocked off. Picture is from my old bike

  • ![0_1475064050466_Screenshot_20160927-184703.png](Uploading 100%)

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    This is probably the first time I have ever seen someone successfully upload a picture directly onto this forum! In future @tdr125, use a picture hosting site as it won't block up @Calum's internet. I use imgur.com.

  • @MIGHTYMAN Yeah what the fuck that is supposed to be disabled lmao!

    That oil inlet doesn't look particularly blocked off.

    Sounds like someone who doesn't know what their doing have been using that bike.

    25:1 sounds awefully rich. What oik you using. This will affext the afr and will lead in loss of power. Unless it is highly modified, I would put the stock oil feed back on.

  • Lol. Premix ratio for a DT, it does not need a racey mixture. The standard Oil pump is about 45-50:1 ?

    I ragged mine and found 35:1 to be adequate in the end, I only just managed to briefly heat sieze, with little damage with the oil pump fitted a time ago, and that was flat out for 4 miles! The later 3RM pumps are pretty good, the older design were ones people had issues with.

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