• Hi everyone, I'm a new owner of dtr125.

    Hoping people can help with a problem I'm having with the bike.
    Can't get a spark with the ignition turned on. But will spark with ignition off. Have changed CDI unit problem still there.
    Have checked ignition barrel and connections can't see anything obvious.
    Only problem I did have was the electric start packed in, rotor was shot. Converted bike to kickstart had her running for a couple of days until I parked it up and now have this problem.
    Hope someone can help slowly frying my brain.

  • Hello there welcome.

    I highly recommend grabbing a Haynes manual for the bike since this will come with a wiring diagram that will no doubt helpnsolve your problems.

  • When I first got the bike I found out the ignition wires had been reversed, so Run was actually Off and Off was Run. I left it like that, will make it handy if I ever get bike jumped or something. Anyway get to know the bike, then you'll feel more comfortable 🙂 And as Calum said, a Haynes manual helps to do that.

  • @Minia If it's a problem similar to Minia then it should be a simple fix.

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    Any chance it could have been caused by someone trying to hot-wire the bike at all?!

  • Thanks for the replys. Actually do have a manual and also managed to cure starting problem. It was a poor connection in one the connector blocks hidden away amongst a tangle of insulation tape. Thanks for the help though.