• Hi guys , so I have mine DT 125 X 2006 supermoto going and looking like a dream . Passed mot with smile and trying hard to pop up a wheelie but no chance , got my mates on her and they said no way. Seen thousands of vids guys pop up wheelie like nothing on same model year. Mine is unrestricted , top speed is out of clocks . Sprockets are stocks . Tried on hard shock and soft as well . Please any advice ?

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    With the right set up I believe some godly people out there can pull DTs up in 4th gear.. you haven't said what gear you are trying and at what speed, but the front should come up very easily at low speed in first gear, revving and dumping the clutch. When you say you and your mates are having no luck, is one of you able to hold a wheelie on another bike? Experience is key and it's rarely down to a fault on the bike. That being said, I found my WR was very difficult to wheelie as my clutch cable was buggered and wouldn't release fully.

  • Yeah . Good points. My mates are on husaberg 450 and some ktm supermotos. Im tried on second gear mostly.

  • I have an RE and I don't find it is necessary to use the clutch to wheelie it. I don't possess the skill to hold it for any length of time though.

    Just experience should land you in the right ball park sitting back end of the bike helps get the wheel up.

  • Be brave, It's all technique, you can wheelie a DT in 3rd without too much effort.

  • Yea , probably need to try harder and different gears too . But bike is bit lazy until I hit the powerband. Tried to stand and sit as far as I can but hard to pull handlebars at that point. As Im said - seen videos and tutorials doing it easy with nearly no effort so I was worried about bike ... my clutch is bit harder too.

  • roll along at 5mph in first gear, very slow roll, then WHACK throttle open fast, no clutching needed, if youre sitting back itll wheely!

  • @Zrako Sounds like the bike isn't running 100% if that's the case. The bike should be very responsive lpw down thanks to the YPVS

  • Im gonna get the bike checked then, Im drived 4strokers before so this is new experience for me and still getting into how to properly drive it... only visible fault I found is the expansion pipe isnt properly sitting on engine outlet . There is 2 springs and one is loose .didnt spot leakage of spoils until my mate was trying to pop up a wheelies yesterday. He said its okay and I shouldt worry about it ,but I think the pressure in there is important for powerband...

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    That's very odd because my 2007 DTX did not have springs holding the expansion chamber onto the cylinder as 2 strokes MX bikes generally do. If there are air holes in between the cylinder and pipe, it might not be as torqy in the lower rev range.

  • @Mightyman giannelli pipes used springs and an exhaust flange.

  • @Calum said in Wheelie issues:

    @Mightyman giannelli pipes used springs and an exhaust flange.

    no they dont, big one pipes are the only ones to use springs.

  • Mine looks like stock , not a mark or brand on it . Just lot of rust. Found some arrow and gianelly stuff on ebay. Bit pricey . I like the look of stainless welded pipe 😄

  • @Zrako Isn't standard if it's using springs bud.

    Yeah Tom something like that. I guessed wrong.

  • Thanks for help guys. Did 4 or 5 wheelies today at first gear. Only a 3 or 4 inches few seconds 🤘🤘. Figured out need to rev it up up to the red and it worked . Will need loads of practice on dry road. So excited lol