• Hello again I'm Andrew from Cornwall back after a few weeks out bit side tracked with my new toy a evo 6 running 376bhp, my dt125r is a 1994 model was totally standard and only every covered approx 4320 miles with all old mots to verify, by far from my first dt125r I've had a fair few now. I've fitted a front and rear del and I've had it rejetted it's now running a 250 main however I find the cdi is pretty restricted so now I've ordered a new zeeltronic setup from borut I'm just wondering how hard it is to fit and does it come with a basic map or do I start from scratch? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Andrew

  • You wull want the programmer with it as well. It should have a base map but mine was out by a few thousand degrees, I know right.

  • I've ordered the programmer and the pc programmer too just to makesure I have everything, fingers crossed it's as good as everyone says it is, thanks calum

  • @andrewj1680 I rate it, but if you got a 380 bhp evo then it's going to be meh.

    A faster bike would be more noticeable.

    But I think it's hands down the best bit you can buy. It allows you to utilise all of the other mods.

  • Appreciate the response I've only chose the dt125r as silly as it sounds I almost lost my life in a crash on 1at the age of 17 came close to amputation to my right leg just below the knee i also shattered my shoulder socket broke collar bone and a internal bleed, I had always planned to do a nut and bolt rebuild on 1 after that but not found the time til now altho whilst looking I found they were all going up in price and to be fair even a bad 1 was around the £1000 mark so I spent the extra on what I consider a half decent 1 I plan to use when the summer comes as little as we may get and then strip it to rebuild through the winter, I had no plans to mod it at this point however on riding it you can feel how restricted it really is but that really is where the interest of the dt125r comes into it. Off road I ride a 06 crf450 that I've converted to run a 2001 cr500 engine I built the bike from scratch last year so basically from 1 extreme to the next and 2 totally different bikes

  • @andrewj1680 Right on brother