• Hi everyone 👊

    Was very curious to know if any of you guys where a dab hand with making up brake caliper brackets, speedo brackets etc.

    My plan is to use a set of yz forks on my tdr rolling on wr125x wheels.

    Any help will be paid for happily.

    Let me no 😀 😀😀

  • @tdr125greg If you mock up and create a drawing with dimensions, you could then get your bracket CNC cut online?

    A bracket will require spacers and then correct length bolts from the fork leg and Calliper mounting.

    Custom work, it really requires some fettling time and dimensions specific to you. There is not a quick way of doing it unfortunately.

    I'm building a 1992' YZ fork and Brembo 4pot, I will post any useful findings for both 2pot and 4pot calliper some time,

  • @tdr125greg It'd pretty much DIY with custom parts sadly. You can make templates up and get a local fab shop to make the brackets etc. up for you, or online fabricators as @Darty stated. But other than that it's a make em yourself scenario. See @Calum thread on how he made up the bit's for his bike;


    I'm guessing you want USD forks on your TDR, which will mean a custom headset bearing cup, a few have done it but it's not a simple job if your not that clued up on it all? You could always just stick with your current forks and upgrade em with a progressive spring kit and better calipers. There's some info for caliper brackets on this thread;


  • This is it. You often find designs have to be rejigged to fit.

    Whilst the lathe I have access to is out of action, they really are not that expensive, you can get a hammond drummon for a few hundred and what you can make on them is endless possibilities