Do silencers affect perfomance?

  • Main question is do silencers affect perfomance? I would like to fit fmf shorty or something like that.

  • @HOBO4LIFE It all depends on what you class as a 'silencer'? Stock exhausts are designed to meet certain criteria such as noise, gas emissions and function. Normally they are a balance between performance and function. Whereas performance exhausts remove the baffles and restrictions etc which in turn adds performance at the loss of emissions. Basically they are designed to get as much of the burned gasses out as quick as possible. OEM's have certain criteria and legislation's to meet, where as performance parts manufacturers are solely focused on increasing the bikes performance. So yes swapping exhausts, inlet manifolds, jets, reeds and carbs etc will affect the bikes performance thus increasing it.

  • @CYBER-NINJA I currently have full dep system, but i find that silencer is too long and the black sludge drips on my brakes. So i thought shorter silencer could help with that.

  • Have you checked the adjustment of your oil pump? How old is the silencer?

  • @HOBO4LIFE The rear pipe may just need re-wadding, as that may be worn and letting oil through? But also @finnerz89 suggestion of checking the oil pump would also be well worth it.

  • I don't feel comfortable to tinker with oil pump, but my spark plug has perfect colour to it.

  • What would you say the perfect colour is? The plug must be oily if it's dripping from the exhuast

  • Silencers massively affect performance.

    There is a dark art to them that even I don't understand, something to do with pipey engines liking long stingers.

    Graham Bell's Two Stroke Performance Tuning would probably have the answer. Highlighly recommend this book

    Oil dripping from the Exhaust pipe is normal. Two strokes are oil machines.

    Back pressure is essential for two strokes, something to do with the harmonics of the sound wave created. But I'd be lying if I knew.

    You will have to refer to a proper text book in order to gain a proper understanding of pipes. I'm afraid my knowledge is dicey at best.

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