• Not sure if this is I. The right section

    Who on here has used a kn type filter on their dt
    Do you need to change jets
    I ve read that you have to space the carb out 60mm or you get a flat spot
    I can't use the standard air box as the dt engine is in a different bike

  • http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=390495861787&alt=web

    This is what I run on my dt, just 32mm

  • I can't open the link
    I need to run a airbox the engine is a lot lower in the chopper frame an exposed to water etc

    I m planning on using a kn filter cutting the air box so it's in two halves an the filter will be encased inside
    This has took much thought than fitting the engine

  • Just copy and paste the link mate.

    Yeah, my advice would be to have a shield made that would shield it from the majority of exposure. Not uncommon practice for air filters.

    As said I've never had an issur and I've ridden in all sorts.from sunny to torrential rain. But perhaps your situation may be more difficult.

    Some photos might be handy here so we xan visualise the problem.